Image. Sunday school outing from Tramway wharf aboard James Goddard's Marple horseboat, Mary. 1905.   copyright

Built in 1798 to connect the upper and lower Peak Forest canals, the Marple tramway provided the only means to carry Limestone and other goods from Bugsworth and beyond to termini in and around Manchester until the famous Marple flight of 16 deep locks was completed.
Continuing in service into the 20th century the wharf eventually fell into disuse but now, after much work and input, the team involved with the wharf are seeking to recreate and show some of the historic significance of this special place.
With a focus on Historic boats and transport, plus a drive to foster and champion local arts and culture, Tramway wharf is working to provide a resource that links the rich Marple history with the vibrancy and creativity of its modern day community.
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